E-Moped Specs

The Best
Electric Moped
Made For Delivery

The battery can last for up to 53 mi / 85 km​

Swappable battery for max. usage

High-speed transport up to 44 mph / 70kmh​

Comfortable saddle for long shifts​

Steel frame for safe rides on tough roads

600 lb / 275 kg capacity for heavy delivery​

Extra Battery
for Only £40/Month

2 removable batteries with a combined power of 3,380 Wh

Up to 53 mi / 85 km with Longe Range battery (Eco Mode)

100% charged in 6 hours

Charger can be plugged in to any standard power outlet


Max. Weight

Supports up to 600 lb / 275 kg in weight


96 kg (including batteries)


More than 3,000 W Continuous Power

LCD Display

Battery level, speed, driving mode

Storage Space

20 liters under the seat (enough to fit a jet helmet).


Integrated front and rear LED daytime running lights so you're always visible in traffic.


Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes keep you safe on the streets.


16-inch Michelin tyres for optimal comfort and safety in any road and weather conditions.